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Flaker Systems

Double Drum Flaker

Double Drum Flaker

Double Drum Flaker consist of two drums internally cooled & rotates in opposite direction. Molten feed is fed at the nip between two drums. Film of product solidifies on the drum surface during rotation of drum. Stationary knife ( located on both drums) removes the solidified layer formed on the drum surface in the form of flakes.


  1. Product is easy to handle in flaked form.
  2. Low power demand.
  3. Continuous operation.
  4. Compact installation.
  5. Closed construction available:
    1. To minimize vapour nuisance.
    2. To avoid dust contamination.
    3. For inert gas blanketing.
    4. For maintenance of suction conditions for purpose of operator comfort.
  6. For maintenance of low RH air blanket.


Typical Applications:

  1. Drug Intermediates
  2. Stearic Acid & derivatives
  3. PNCB
  4. OPDA
  5. Phosphorus Pentasulphide
  6. Alcohols
  7. Phenols / Waxes / Resins
  8. HCO
  9. Maleic Anhydride
  10. Pthaleic Anhydride
  11. Dischloro Phenol
  12. Benzoic Acid

Single Drum Flaker

Single Drum Flaker
  • Single Drum Flaker
  • Single Drum Flaker

Feed in the form of melt is applied as a thin film over the rotating metal cylinder, cooled internally by water. The melt gets solidified to a solid layer which is scrapped out as flakes.

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