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Air Impingement Dryer

Air Impingement Dryer

Air Impingement Dryer

Hot air is made to impinge in a plug flow manner on a moving loosely formed bed of wet feed. Moisture evaporates as the material traverses along the length of the bed and is rendered dry at the discharge end. Humid air is continuously exhausted. The dryer is employed for wet crystals which are very fragile as well for wet performed feeds which are not suitable for the normal belt dryer operation.


  1. Suitable for well aerated beds of preformed, crystalline or granular wet feeds.
  2. High evaporated efficiency due to the impingement action in plug flow manner.
  3. Gentle drying
  4. Uniform drying
  5. Material from remains intact
  6. Low power demand
  7. Continuous operation
  8. Shear sensitive materials can be handled.


Typical Applications:

  1. Menthol Crystals
  2. Yellow Iron Oxide
  3. Pigment
  4. Organic Crystals
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